Tradicional Climbs in Galayos

Los Galayos: granite garden with powerful stems and delicate flowers. This description, made by Juan Lupión in his 1981 guide, we like a lot because it places us in the subtle as well as abrupt place of the place, something that we can only understand by being there.

The Galayar is a concentration of many very vertical needles in a high mountain environment, we consider it more a  mountaineering school than a climbing region.

Each summit has a multitude of routes that lead us to it, cracks and corners techniques being predominant. In order to return to land we will either have to rappel or climb down some technical terrain that will place us in channels through which we will progress through a chaos of boulders. Sometimes we can connect a summit through ridges.

We suggest that you immerse yourself in this terrain with  a mountain guide, who will accompany you throughout the entire route, managing safety and making you surpass yourself in each challenge that the path offers us.

2 hours approach

Climbs from IVº level up

Previous rappelling experience recommended

1 person 250€ or 2 people 165€ / person for the following activities:

Vía Sur de la Apretura al Pequeño Galayo (120m, IV) + Gran Diedro al Gran Galayo (100m, IV+)

Vía Sur al Torreón (170m, V)

Vía Underground + Malagón al Torreón (170m, V+)

Vía Game a la punta Tonino Re (140m,V+)

Vía Oeste de la Aguja Negra (250m, V)

1 person 280€ or 2 people 180€ / person for the following activities:

Vía Rivas Acuña a la Punta M.ª Luisa (160m, V) + Cresta (200m, IV) + Torreón  (100m, V)

Vía Gerardo Rafa a la Torre Amezua (200m, 6a )

Common Technical Equipment

Qualified Mountain Technical Guide

Activities Insurance (It is not necessary to be federated)

Advice prior to the activity


Lodging and meals for both the participants and the guide, for activities on several consecutive days.

Personal Gear


A climb in Galayos is done in a day of between 10 and 12 hours

There is the possibility of carrying out several consecutive days of activity, in which case a personalized budget will be made.

Possibility of staying in the Victory refuge or doing Bivouac.

Medium Physical difficulty : 900 meters + difference in altitude from the platform to the refuge

Medium technical difficulty: In Galayos the accesses to the needles include IIIº level scrambles, the climbs are from IVº level and there are rappels of different lengths.

From May to October

To be in good physical shape and have some climbing experience



Mountain footwear


Mountain clothing according to the time of year: A waterproof windbreaker garment is essential

Sun protection: glasses, hat/cap, lotion…

Backpack of about 30l

Water and food

Walking sticks (recommended)

*In case of overnight or bivouac consult extra material




Anchor Cape with a safety carabiner

Belay/descender type ATC

Climbing shoes (important to be comfortable)

2 HMS safety carabiners

Chalk bag (optional)

Crack gloves (optional)

*If you do not have some material, let us know, and we can lend it to you or advise you on your purchase


The activity proposed in this section is climbing in Galayos.

There is also the possibility of ascending Galayos summits by normal routes, being a technical activity, the use of rope is necessary, but reducing the technical level to III grade of climbing. Consult ratios and rates.

There is the possibility of making the ascent from the Nogal del Barranco to la Mira of a moderate-low technical level, it does not require a rope or technical materials or experience in the mountains, simply a medium physical level. Consult ratios and rates.