Multi-Pitch Climbing Course

Now that we know how to move vertically, we are going to learn to climb in sections.

According to the principles of sport climbing, if we want to climb a 300-meter wall, we will need a 300-meter rope, at least, right? The answer is negative, what we will do is split the climb. That is why this type of climbing is called multi-pitch climbing.

This course is designed so that sport climbers who want to make the leap to big bolted walls, do so safely and efficiently.

It is necessary that you already have experience in sport climbing so that you can sign up for this course. The course is mostly practical, likewise we will explain the necessary theoretical knowledge, fully updated so that you understand the entire security chain perfectly.

Introduction to Multi-Pitch Climbing

Learning Maneuvers in a Safe Environment

-Essential Knots
-Introduction to wall climbing. Concepts of rope team and progression by pitches
-Presentation of all the necessary gear
-Simple rappel, self-secured rappel and connected rappels
-A little more theory: The fall factor and the impact force
-Management of single rope and double ropes
-Belay a lead climber and belay a top-roper
-At the station: Order and organization
-Three people rope team
-Wall communication code

1 person €425
2 people €240pax
3 people €175 pax
4 people €140 pax

Common Technical Equipment

Qualified Sports Technical Guide

Activities Insurance (It is not necessary to be federated)

Advice prior to the activity


Meal and Accommodation

Personal Equipment

San Martín de Valdeiglesias

Two complete days

8 hours each day


All year around

Having taken a course and/or having enough experience in sport climbing



Mountain Footwear

Mountain clothing according to the time of year.

Sun protection: glasses, hat/cap, lotion…

Backpack 30 l approximately

Water and Food



Anchor Cape


Climbing shoes (recommended that they be comfortable)

Belay/descender type ATC

3 HMS type safety carabiners

*If you do not have some, let us know, and we can lend it to you or advise you on your purchase


Contact us and we will advise you on your adventures