Pedriza Traditional Climbs

On the south face of the Sierra de Guadarrama, there is this unique environment and labyrinthine nature: La Pedriza.

The environmental value of this place is immeasurable, that is why it is under the protection of the National Park, for its exuberant fauna that we will come across if we go far enough, for its magnificent flora, geology and above all  the sensation of well-being that is felt inside.

The striking shapes of the cliffs invite us to climb them. The granite in La Pedriza is especially whimsical and takes multiple forms. The skills and technique that we will put into practice are multiple and varied.

We will move on plates with few grips, we will grab giant shuttles, we will use cracks of all sizes, we may have to do some artificial climbing steps. Depending on what attracts you the most, your guide will advise you which route to take.

Mountain Approaches

The paths turn into scrambles occasionally

Climbs from IVº level up

1 person 150€ or 2 people 90€ per person for the following routes (A CATEGORY):

Vía Valentina al Yelmo
Vía Asa a la Tortuga
Sur Clásica + Norte Clásica al Cancho de los Muertos
Espolón Oeste de Peña Sirio

1 person 170€ or 2 people 100€ per person for the following routes (B CATEGORY):

Vía Walkiria al Yelmo
Vía Calavera al Yelmo
Vía Sur del Pájaro
Vía Fulgencio al Hueso
Vía Sur Clásica a la pared de Santillana
Vía Peñalara a la pared de Santillana

Common Technical Equipment

Qualified Mountain Technical Guide

Activities Insurance (It is not necessary to be federated)

Advice prior to the activity


Lodging and meals for both the participants and the guide, for activities on several consecutive days.

Personal Gear

Manzanares el Real

The classic climbs of La Pedriza are carried out in a more or less long day depending on the location of the cliff, the difficulty of the route and the rhythm of the rope team.

There is the possibility of carrying out several consecutive days of activity, in which case a personalized budget will be made.

Possibility of staying at the Giner de los Ríos refuge or doing Bivouac.

All levels activities. La Pedriza is mountain terrain

All year around

To be in good physical shape and have some climbing experience



Mountain footwear

Mountain clothing according to the time of year: A waterproof windbreaker garment is essential

Sun protection: glasses, hat/cap, lotion…

Backpack of about 30l

Water and food

*In case of overnight or bivouac consult extra material




Anchor Cape with a safety carabiner

Belay/descender type ATC

Climbing shoes (important to be comfortable)

2 HMS safety carabiners

Chalk bag (optional)

Crack gloves (optional)

*If you do not have some material, let us know, and we can lend it to you or advise you on your purchase


La Pedriza offers us multiple options:

There is the possibility of ascending emblematic cliffs by normal routes (scrambles), being a technical activity, the use of rope is necessary, but reducing the technical level to III degree of climbing.

There is the possibility of hiking and mountaineering routes at a moderate technical level, and of different sizes, and can also include overnight bivouacs.

Organized sport climbing outings can be arranged.

For all these activities consult ratios and rates.