For those of you who do not know what climbing a ridge is like, we are giving a very simple definition. Climbing a ridge consists of walking along the edge that separates two slopes. The sharper it is, the more technical and complex the progression through said ridge will be.

It is also often said that the ridges are climbs for hikers or hikes for climbers. Whatever your greatest interest in the mountains, if you are looking for aerial sensations from a position that is somewhat more horizontal than a traditionl climb, we encourage you to come to the Sierra de Gredos, a huge natural scrambling place.

The  mountainous environment  will make us enjoy a lot, with the safety of a professional mountain guide. From the choice of the itinerary to the achievement of it, we will turn to make your experience as enriching as possible.

Approaches of different sizes depending on the chosen crest

High level of climbing is not necessary,
scrambling and mountaineering experience is more useful

There are high level technical ridges, for which it is necessary to manage the Vº level of climbing

Peña Gallina Ridge: Medium-high difficulty (IV+, some abseils) short length (450m route – 150m+ drop). Activity that we will carry out in one day.

1 person €230, 2 people €145 pax


Cathedral Ridge: Medium-high difficulty (IV+, some rappels) medium length (900m route – 300m difference in altitude+). Activity that we will carry out in a long day.

1 person €250, 2 people €165 pax


María Luisa – Torreón Ridge: High difficulty (climbing pitches Vº, some rappels) medium length(450m route – 200m+ drop). Activity that we will carry out in a long day

1 person €280 or 2 people €180 pax


Ridge of the Circus of Gredos: Moderate difficulty (III with isolated steps from IV) and large length (4000m traveled – 600m+ difference in altitude). Two-day activity, involves overnight stay in the refuge or bivouac.

1 person €520, 2 people €285 pax, 3 people €210pax


 Twelve Towers Ridge: High difficulty (climbing pitches of V and isolated steps V+ and rappelling) and great length (1500m route – 550m+ drop). Demanding two-day activity, involves bivouac.

1 person €520

Common Technical Equipment

Qualified Mountain Technical Guide

Activities Insurance (It is not necessary to be federated)

Advice prior to the activity


Lodging and meals for both the participants and the guide, for activities on several consecutive days.

Personal Gear

Location to be determined based on the activity

1 day or several

Possibility of carrying out several consecutive days of activity, in which case a discount will be made in the price of the activity.

There is the possibility of staying in mountain refuges for activities of several days, in this case the expenses incurred, including those of the guide, are borne by the client

Different level activities

From April to November

Good physical shape

Be accustomed to the high mountain environment




Mountain footwear preferably high-top


Mountain clothing according to the time of year: A waterproof windbreaker garment is essential

Sun protection: glasses, hat/cap, lotion…

Backpack of about 30l

Water and food

Walking sticks (recommended)

*In case of overnight or bivouac consult extra material




Anchor Cape

Belay/descender type ATC

Climbing shoes may be necessary

*If you do not have some, let us know, and we can lend it to you or advise you on your purchase


Do you have any other ridges in mind? Are you looking for an itinerary of low technical difficulty to get started? Looking for a ridge to combine with rock climbing?

Contact us and we will advise you on your adventures