Traditional Climbing Course

When we jump from bolted routes to clean walls, the game changes. It is like going from sailing along the coast with our sailboat to going out to sea. That is why we must acquire new knowledge to approach this new activity safely.

It is important that we have gone through the climbing of several pitches equipped so that we already know the concepts of rope team, station, progression by pitches…

Likewise, there are people who come to classic climbing through mountain baggage: coming from climbing ridges, moving very well through mountain terrain, a lot of experience in rappelling… This would be the other way to become a traditional climber

Whether you come one way or the other, the final objective of the training is for you to acquire the maximum degree of autonomy possible and that is why we approach all the contents in a didactic, useful and over all practical way.

Introduction to trad climbing

Learning Maneuvers in a Safe Environment

Rappelling technique

-Essential Knots
-Presentation of all the necessary gear
-Self-protection devices: cams, chocks, slings
-How to place protections
-Checking the pieces placed
-Let’s learn how to avoid friction
-Single rope, double ropes and triple homologation rope. When each and why.
-Setting and unsetting of unequipped and semi-equipped anchors.
-How to thoroughly understand Croquis Topos and Reviews
-Strategy in the mountains: Tricks and tools that make our lives easier.

1 person €450
2 people €250pax
3 people €185 pax
4 people €150 pax

Common Technical Equipment

Qualified Sports Technical Guide

Activities Insurance (It is not necessary to be federated)

Advice prior to the activity


Meal and Accommodation

Personal Equipment

San Martín de Valdeiglesias

Two complete days

8 hours each day


All year around

Having taken a course and/or having enough experience in multy-pich climbing



Mountain Footwear

Mountain clothing according to the time of year.

Sun protection: glasses, hat/cap, lotion…

Backpack 30 l approximately

Water and Food



Anchor Cape


Climbing shoes (recommended that they be comfortable)

Belay/descender type ATC

3 HMS type safety carabiners

*If you do not have some, let us know, and we can lend it to you or advise you on your purchase


Contact us and we will advise you on your adventures