General contracting conditions

In the field of active tourism and adventure sports there is a potential risk derived from its very nature. The decision to participate in these activities should be based on an understanding of these realities. All the guides and technicians have the appropriate training and experience for the activity they carry out. Following their instructions and guidelines depends, to a large extent, on safety during the activity.
The activities we carry out take place in a natural environment, the mountains, which must be respected and requires careful environmental behavior. The activities are carried out in a natural environment, not controlled by man and which has risks that cannot be fully controlled by the guide and/or the company.
Rocknatur is not responsible for the loss or damage of users’ personal belongings.
Rocknatur reserves the right to cancel or modify activities for weather reasons or that may affect the safety of the group. Likewise, the right of exclusion is reserved in case of observing behavior that endangers their own safety or that of the group, lack of respect for the environment and colleagues without this implying the right to reimbursement.
If a client or student does not present the required or agreed level, both technical and physical, the activity guide could vary, if possible, the itinerary or program to adapt to the level of the participant. Likewise, the guide may vary the program depending on the weather conditions or the conditions of the mountain, in order to guarantee safety. The Guide/client ratios will be maintained prioritizing safety criteria and respecting the minimum number agreed per course or activity.
The loss due to negligence or misuse of the material, by the client, provided by the guide (beyond logical wear and tear or due to force majeure) will be the responsibility of the client and must be paid to the guide regardless of the price of the activity.

All activities offered by Rocknatur are prepaid. Any activity will be considered reserved at the time of payment.
From the confirmation of the reservation, the client will expressly assume all of these General Conditions. In the event that a person enrolls another/s, they assume each and every one of these General Conditions on their behalf/s

The client may withdraw from the requested or contracted services, having the right to a refund of the amounts paid, but must indemnify Rocknatur in the amounts indicated below:
50% of the total amount, within 48 hours prior to the start of the activity.
100% of the total amount, within 28 hours prior to the start of the activity or no-show.

Be duly informed of the activity that you are going to carry out to be convinced that said activity is the one you want and the one appropriate to your experience.
Demand a truthful and detailed description of the difficulties and the commitment involved in the activity you hire.
Be aware of any significant change in the program once the activity has been contracted, as long as it is not caused by an unforeseen event outside the organization and there is material time to communicate it.
Provide the organization with comments and opinions that result in an improvement in the quality of the service.
Enjoy the activity and the environment in which it takes place with the appropriate risk management.

The guide is the one who directs the activity, it is mandatory to abide by his decisions during the practice of it.
The client must return the material delivered by the company in the same state that it has been provided or to pay its value in case of loss or deterioration.
Willingly assume unforeseen events that may arise for reasons beyond the control of the organization.
As a participant in the activity, the client has the obligation to inform the company or the guide that he does not suffer from any disease (cardiovascular, paraplegia, nervous or psychological problems) or pregnancy, as well as any impediment or injury that may influence the development of the activity. activity.
The client agrees not to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other medication that may affect their ability to react. If this is the case and after assessing your situation, the guide may deny you access to the activity, without the right to a refund.

Minors must provide an authorization signed by their parents or legal guardians or be accompanied by them.

In the case of a photographic report, the client will receive a copy of the photographs or a video, which will be delivered in the agreed manner. The participants consent to the use of the photographs taken during the course of the activities, in the media and advertising campaigns that Rocknatur deems appropriate. In the case of minors, the images will only be used with the written consent of their legal guardians. Clients who do not want their image to be used must communicate it in writing, via email or regular mail. In these cases Rocknatur will not use the images for such purposes.
The client undertakes not to use and/or modify the images or videos for their own lucrative purposes, without the due consent of Rocknatur and in any case the source will be mentioned.